How to Build a Godly Relationship Before Marriage

Most people want to truly understand love. In the Bible, God paints a very clear picture that helps us to understand if we really are in love. One of the greatest love stories that we find in the Bible is the Song of Solomon. It is also known as the “Song of Songs.” This is a story that helps us to better understand how to build Godly relationships. This article is full of great tips that will help you to build a Godly relationship before marriage.

1.) Physical Restraint- While we are attracted to our partners, God asks us to practice physical restraint until marriage. If you practice physical restraint in relationship by saving intimate moments for marriage, then you will not only have a healthy relationship with god, but with your partner as well.

2.) Maintain Your Character- Be who you are when you are with your future spouse. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It is important that both you and your future spouse show your true colors before marriage. This way there will be no surprises once you are married.

3.) Get Opinions From Others- We may not always want to hear what others want to say, but it important that we listen to their opinion. Listen to what the one you love have to say.

4.) Allow the Man to take the Lead- God asks men to lead in a relationship; however that doesn’t mean that a woman should not have an opinion. Make sure that you are both in this together for the right reasons.

5.) Praise Each Other- Find reasons every day to give each other praise. This will help you to build love and security in your relationship. Tell your future spouse the things that you love about him or her and be there for them during happy times as well as tough times.

6.) Become One in Spirit- Make sure that both you and your partner are in the same place spiritually. You should make sure that both you and your spouse believe in Jesus Christ as your savior. A solid Christian foundation is key to building a Godly relationship.

Pre marital counseling is a great way to build a relationship with God and with your future spouse. Ask the pastor at your church for more information about premarital counseling. You could also ask the minister that will be performing your ceremony.

Using premarital counseling is a great way to get to know each other better. You may find out some things about your potential spouse that you don’t like. Now is the time to address these issues. Not after you have already gotten married.

Wedding Hairstyles 2013

The informal and romantic wedding hairstyles 2013 can look tough to come really up with, specifically when you would like the look to be reasonable without going on a top. The some information hairstyles of wedding look the best on the hair with the different lengths and textures, so you must be very sure to attempt your style of hair earlier than committing to this by taking the photos after styling by the expert hair stylist earlier than the big day.
The ponytails can really look relaxed and glamorous without making the look such as you only got back from the sporting event. The trick to creating the ponytail look best for the day of wedding is to make volume in front with the bobby pins, the iron of curling and the little bit of the teasing. The longer hair really looks great in the ponytails, and grows out the hair or has the expert provide you the extensions. The curly hairs really look attractive in the low ponytail as the straight hair really looks extremely fashionable and modern in the tall ponytail.
The half up
The half up wedding hairstyles 2013 is romantic when the wisps and curls are deliberately positioned. Keep a part which is up full and big with the some mousse and spray of hair. The crown you think to utilize with the piece of head must tire out so you look the way style of hair will see on the big occasion. Some of the brides clasp veil in a place where the hair is really tied up, as the others place their crown close to the forehead. You might intersperse as well some beads and white flowers all through the hair to make the wedding hairstyles 2013.
The messy up do
This is often utilized by the brides and this can look really informal by making the purposefully messy appearance. Some of these such as the French twists and chignons can really look extremely formal when really styled with lots of the precision. In its place of make the tousled, only got out of the bed and throw the hair into that beautiful and attractive look of up-do. The pomade is the great styling which makes the texture and least the frizziness. And you can make the French twist or chignon and allow the few longer pieces of the hair deliberately hang out.
The wedding hairstyles 2013 can really be down with no falling flat. You must be very sure rain is not in forecast on the day of wedding, as the humidity can wreak chaos on the hair which is effortlessly turned in the tightly curled mess with the moisture in air. The wedding hairstyles 2013 which are down need grooming to display the natural beauty. You must have the hair expertly styled and trimmed and think about including some great and charming color on the hair, being very sure to attempt his out in the advance to prevent the coloring catastrophes.

Love Marriage Solutions

Falling in Love is the Human Tendency, A Point comes in your life where your heart beat for someone, and you got a feeling that he or she is your perfect match. Everyone wants to be with their Love. As Love is a deep feeling which encourage two people to live together. Love can be with anyone, at anywhere or anytime. You must have seen or listen about the Love At First Sight stories in movies or books, where a hero sees heroine and at the first sight he falls in love with her, they get married and spend their whole life together happily. Well, these kinds of stories looks good only in books & movies. Real Life is different from Reel life. You can’t neglect the facts in real life.

Nowadays, Youngsters are very much influenced by movies, so they somewhere connect their life with a story of a film where they met a boy/girl or fall in love with them at first sight and spend rest of their life with them. The increasing cases of separation and divorce is due to this stupid decision of people. They met someone, thinks that they’d fell in love at first sight and get married and after some time they realize it was not love, it was a wrong decision taken by both of them in hurry. When you meet someone for the first time, you feel attracted towards them, that doesn’t mean you are in love with the person. There is a quite difference between love and attraction. Nowadays youngsters do these mistakes a lot, they mistaken their attraction to love, They name their attraction as love. Without knowing each other properly, good and bad habits, nature etc etc.. they takes a big decision like marriage and at last after some time their marriage leads to divorce.

That is why we suggest you to consult with a Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer before taking a decision like marriage as it is matter of two innocent lives. Remember neither your Life is story of a picture nor You are a hero or heroine of that picture. This is a real life, where marriage is considered a big decision of your life as it a decision for lifetime.

Prevention is better than Cure, this famous saying conveys a very useful message to us that we should always take precaution before doing or taking any decision in life so that we may not face any problems in future. We must consult a Love Marriage Astrologer, so that he can guide you and make ensure that you are not taking a wrong decision. He predicts about your future marriage compatibility. An astrologer has also a deep knowledge of astrology and face reading. A Marriage Specialist Astrologer, reads the face of your partner and tells you the characterstics of your partner like nature, loyalty, love, compatibility etc.

Disturbed couple can take marriage solution by Marriage Specialist Astrologer, they will heal your problem within a couple of days. Just follow their tips and instruction with honesty and apply to your married life. If you are going to do love marriage, then there is no problem, but first, you should have to assistance of Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer to check your marriage with your future life partner.

Godly Courtship Tips: Just Say “No” to Sex Before Marriage

This article is not written to rebuke or judge. We are here to help you follow the path that is right for you. When I was young I did not know there was even a path to follow and because of that I made some big mistakes. I don’t want you to make those same mistakes. The path we’re talking about is the Godly courtship path rather than the dating path. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

When you are dating it is more difficult to say “no” to sex because dating puts you in certain situations that you should not even be in to begin with. Dating also carries an attitude of expectation and desire, which leads to sex before marriage.

Let’s take a look at some of those situations that dating can put you in so you will have a better understanding of the difference between dating and Godly courtship.

Negative Dating Situations and Attitudes

1. Dating always puts you in a room alone with the opposite sex

2. Dating puts you in a car alone with opposite sex

3. Dating always puts you someplace alone with opposite sex

4. Dating attitude is only interested in appearance

5. With dating there is always an expectation to have sex

6. Dating carries with it feelings of lust and desire for the other person

7. Dating is built upon non commitment

What do These Situations and Attitude Lead to… ?

1. Flirting

2. Sex

3. Frivolities

4. Fake praise

5. Feelings of lust and desire

6. Pregnancy

7. Sexual Diseases

8. Low self-esteem

9. Lost virginity

10. Loss of emotional balance and stability

11. Loss of a relationship with Jesus Christ (Remember, Jesus is the Holy Spirit, meaning, He is with you in Spirit-His Spirit Lives within you… and He knows everything about you)

If you do not have a close relationship with the Lord now, ask Him to come into your life today and then follow His precepts and the path He is leading you to be on. God’s Love is His Discipline for us!

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.” (Titus 2:11-12)

The Just Say “No” Path

Of course there are more situations that bring about premarital sex in a relationship but it is these major ones we mentioned above that we need to focus on. Grab a friend and encourage one another to follow in the path that God has outlined for you.

If we followed the precept of “never being alone with the opposite sex” until a commitment to marriage” is made, or better yet, marriage, then we would not have to say “no” to fornication in the first place.

Following this path, you’ll be saying “no” less often or not at all if you do not allow yourself to be alone with the opposite sex.

If the person you are with expects you to have sex with them then they are not really caring about your feelings. They only care about what they can get from you. This means, if you cave in to their demands to have sex, then you are giving them what they want and desire, while they disrespect your body, your mind, and your spiritual self. This will hurt your self esteem. This will hurt your relationship with God too.

This next path keeps you from being deceived. We’ve told you about those people with expectations, (those who want to be alone with you) and now you do not have to allow yourself to be deceived to have sex before marriage. It’s your body and you have the right to just say “no” to going somewhere alone and to flirtatious / sexual advances.

Sexual intimacy means nothing unless you are married, and you’ll come to know this if you contemplate all the negatives of having sex outside of marriage that are documented in the Godly courtship ministry website. Sex within the boundaries of marriage is the only way God intended sexual relations for.

The point is,you NEED to respect yourself and value your body, mind and spirit enough to just say “no” to those who pressure you to have sex. God created the beautiful person you are… on the inside and outside, and if you disrespect yourself, you are essentially disrespecting Gods creation.

Remember: you are NOT a bad person for having caved in to temptation in the past, but if you want to please God and value yourself, you truly need to put the past behind you and grow to be the woman or man that God intended you to be for Him, for yourself, and for others.

Some day you will have a spouse to love and care for, and PLEASING God now is truly the best marriage preparation on the face of the earth… it’s called purity and holiness in Praise of our Creator!

God knew you would be tempted but He lets us know that He has given us a way out of this temptation. It’s not “being” tempted that’s the problem; the problem is falling into it and doing things that goes against Gods plan for you.

1 Corinthians 10:13 declares: There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Wow! God has given you the ability to just say “no” and escape the temptation and also to be able to bear it! God is GREAT! All God wants from you is the FAITH to believe this. If you believe what God says for you then it will be so.This is what TRUST in Jesus Christ is all about.

How you handle saying “no” is up to you. Pray about it and the Lord will help you to explain to your friend, who may be pressuring you that you want to stay pure for yourself and for God! This is your mission as a single person.

If someone continues to pressure you to have sex with them then it may be time to evaluate that friendship. A true friend would never do anything that would harm you physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

God blesses those who trust in Him!

Maturity Is Essential Before Marriage

Doesn’t weaning refer to infants? Not adults on the way to the altar?

However, when you think about it, how many of us are grown up or mature enough to get married? However loudly one might pooh-pooh the idea of being immature, it would be worthwhile to sit down and do an objective take on the subject. Because it is essential that all of us who would like to make a success of our marriages have to be sure that we are still not tied to our parents’ apron strings.

Marriage is a contract and a full-time career. Like all other careers, one has to be qualified for the job and continuously hone one’s skills to do well in that job. In a regular career, one sheds the student world and accepts the new responsibility of the work ethic in the office or workplace.

In marriage, do we shed the child mode and readjust ourselves to the adult mode? Most of us don’t. We go into marriage still wanting to be looked after, be pampered and be allowed the freedom of throwing a tantrum when things don’t go our way. Very much like what we did with our parents. Only, we don’t like it if we are corrected.

Very often, a woman marries a father figure so she can continue being “Daddy’s little girl” and a man marries a “mother figure” so he can be, well, mothered. Sometimes, we can be like infants in that we choose the “best looking toy” to carry around little realizing that does not always bring us the happiness of the comfortable old cuddly bear we slept with!

Yes, it is necessary for us to “grow out” of our parents.This in no way is a criticism of them. It is a journey we have to undertake. It means we stop thinking like we did as children. Then we view our parents as separate entities and love them the better for it, no longer taking them for granted.

This is the first step to “freeing” ourselves for marriage. And we need to prepare for it. By developing skill sets that help us cope, help us excel. This is when we can proudly say that we have become our “own man” or “own woman”.

Questions Before Marriage – 10 Financial Questions You Must Ask Before Marriage

Your credit is one of your greatest income builders, so protect it before, while, and after you are married. Often, couples act under the common misconception that once you are married, all credit accounts should be merged. This is far from the truth, or from necessity. When couples apply for joint accounts, financial negligence of one spouse causes the other to suffer. And though love may be for better or worse, your finances don’t have to be. Educating yourself on how to handle finances while married is a key factor to a strong marriage and credit history.

During the courting state and before you get married, you and your spouse should sit down and discuss s the various aspects of your financial life. As you may know, money fights are one of the number one reasons that couples divorce. So before getting married, you should dress the following questions with your partner:

Questions before marriage

1. Can we discuss our credit reports and scores?

2. Can we discuss financial goals?

3. How do you feel about budgeting?

4. What are your spending patterns?

Questions before marriage

5. Do you have any past due and outstanding debts?

6. Who do you think should manage the bills?

7. What do you think about joint and separate accounts?

8. What are your feelings when it comes to money?

9. Do you feel that we should speak with a Consumer Credit Counselor for a pre-financial guidance?

10. How would you feel if I made more money?

As you have heard before that money problems are the number one reason why couples get divorced. But, if you follow the ten tips discussed in this article regarding questions before marriage, you and your spouse could avoid money issues once married. Now that you are empowered with additional information its time to take action.

Important Tips Before Wedding Day

These important tips for your wedding the bride and groom to face of with your big day. We can not denied if the wedding will be very drown our energy, both physical and mind. Therefore you need some necessary preparations to deal with everything on your big day.

Here are some important tips before the wedding day:

What should be done?

  • Do facial treatments at least 6 months before the wedding day. It is necessary to lift the skin, blackheads and dead skin and makes your skin so your face looks more fresh.
  • Scrub since 6 months before Wedding-day, and do it regularly at least once a month, so the results will be take the effect when you wear the wedding dress.
  • Drink as much water as possible to create a bright face and moist. In addition, drinking water will make your skin look more fresh and youthful, reduced risk of headaches, and avoid dehydration.
  • To reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, apply a cold eye cream on a regularly.
  • If you want to tidy your eyebrows, do at least two days before the wedding day to reduce the worst possibilities, such as redness, one pull, and others.
  • Do a diet when you feel it necessary , but do it before you start ordering your wedding dress. When it reaches the desired weight, keep your weight so it desn’t go up or down until the wedding day.

Avoid a quarrel with a couple

Sensitive and moody, it is widely felt by the bride and groom before the wedding day. These negative feelings arise from the pressures of a big day ahead of you and your partner. And not least the bride and groom couples an easy fight when they get through the wedding preparations.

To avoid a fight that will be “spread” on the wedding day, it helps you better understand, give in, and build good communication with your partner.

Keeping Stamina Body

Stamina will be much depleted before the wedding day.* Sleeping too late the night before the wedding day, just because you love your family is gathered. As a result the next day your face is not fresh and there were dark circles under the eyes.

  • Think of all the unfinished business day before the H. Leave it to all the trouble in the family business or wedding organizer. Trust that they will complete all preparations smoothly.
  • Given the lack of reception to remember your marriage because of family or wedding organizer is not working properly. Which is over let it go. There would be no point if you keep bringing it up.

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles For Lovely Brides

Wedding hairstyles look elegant and stylish on brides. Wedding hairstyles can add charm to the bride and grooms personality.

Wedding hairstyles are always unforgettable, flirtatious and romantic, especially when it is considered for brides. The perfect bridal hairstyle is the kind of hairstyle that transmits an angelic intensity. As you know marriages play a very important role in one’s life, hence this is the most vital time of a woman when she needs an angelic look and an extra ordinary formal hairstyle to fulfill its dream. Everyone knows choosing the right wedding hairstyle is important to make the difference, after all marriages are made in heaven and to bring heaven on this earth one needs memorable appearance to reach the feeling of floating on clouds and dancing on air.
Magically the elegant and the beautiful Wedding hairstyles do come in variety of cuts that can suite every woman with long hair, short hair or medium length hair. Check out some of hairstyles that can give you an elegant and a stylish look on your wedding.
Romantic and Dreamy
The princess look for a fairy tale wedding is a great look and goes with the wedding theme too. A plain coif with clean sensual curls just cannot go wrong in order to satisfy the bride’s needs. Well, the dreamy look with loosely tied bun and floating curls on shoulders can also make that perfect. Wedding hairstyles can add even more charm on a bride’s look if one can wear a tropical flower behind the ear which however can insist on the feminine side in a very poetic way.
Classic with retro style
Retro type hairstyle can be elegant and beautiful for a bride. Despite of texture of hair it simply can suite with the wedding theme as well. Brides with bob hairstyle or other similar haircuts can surely opt for this hairstyle. This hair style incorporates the smooth waves and offers you a look of some movie star from the 40’s. To create the retro wave, you have to part your hair in large sections and have to cascade the face with a few natural curls, by using a wide hair pick. Well, you can also try this hairstyle to add the shine on your divine look.
Modern and Minimalistic hairstyle
Wedding hairstyles with modern and minimalistic look are slightly unconventional. But this is not something that you can’t see in a wedding. A slightly pulled ponytail at the back or a plain bob is all it takes to make a bold fashion statement at your wedding. The beauty of modern hairstyles complements facial feature, body type, and personality effortlessly. So it can be surely opt for the wedding theme.
Earthy and Casual
For the wild child look and for an earthy feel, you just don’t need to do anything with your hair but if you have a wavy structure then just wear a tiara of olive leaves and small white flowers to realize the look just as you’ve dreamed of it. Well, you can also wear extensions in order to give a casual look in your wedding. Wedding hairstyles can be like that way for your wedding theme as well.

Save Your Marriage

The way society today accepts divorce as the norm tends to make it, unfortunately, an easy way out. Too many couples use divorce as the first option instead of putting a bit of work into their marriage and turning it into a loving and lasting relationship. If you feel there are problems in your marriage which are driving you onto the road to divorce, now is the time to start doing something about it. Divorce should only be seen as the last resort when all other methods have failed. Here are a few simple marriage saving tips which just might get you back on track with your relationship.

Marriages are all similar in that they need the same basic necessities to stay healthy. If some time can be devoted to each of these necessities then you will be giving your marriage the best possible chance of success. You will find you must work harder in some areas than others and that is quite normal — everyone and every relationship requires a different level of each necessity. Over time, you will discover which buttons require more pushing and which require less.

Make sure you are there for your partner. If you are always buried in your work or involved in social functions, your interaction with your partner will gradually weaken to the point where it could break altogether. The pressures inflicted upon us by society can leave little quality time for each other. Quality time does not mean a breakfast together while you read the newspaper or get the kids organized for school. It’s not a quick set of instructions on how to run the house while you hit the gym. Nor is it the quick peck on the cheek as you pass each other in the hallway on your way to work.

Quality time means being able to talk and listen without distractions. Giving your partner your full attention and being able to expect the same in return. Being able to open up about what has caused pain or joy in your day. Enjoying special moments together – watching the sun set, a kitten playing, a baby’s first steps. Having this time together shows a level of care and reaffirms the bond between you.

Being able to accept your partner for who they are and not trying to change their personality to meet some ideal. Acceptance means putting up with the odd rough edge and keeping in touch with the person you married — you marry a person for who they are, not who you think they should be.

Be forgiving. There is no point in holding grudges against your partner. Everyone is capable of making mistakes, even you! If a genuine apology has been offered, be gracious and accept it, forgive the mistake, accept it will not be repeated and get on with your life together. Bringing up past mistakes and rubbing your partners nose in it will only breed resentment and bitterness.

Show love for your partner. Be there to support them. Show respect for them and their thoughts and ideas. Inject random romantic acts into your daily life to keep the juices flowing in your marriage.

Above all, communicate! Be able to talk to each other calmly and respectfully, even if the situation has caused friction. Think about what has been said and think about what you are going to say – don’t just react. The first reaction to an issue can often be wrong so take a step back and give the issue some thought before diving in boots and all. You and your partner should never be afraid to discuss an issue which could be important to your marriage. Ignoring an issue will not make it go away and will only serve to make the issue larger than it has any right to be.

Practice some of these tips on a daily basis and they will become habit-forming. After a while you will find they happen naturally and your partner will, most likely, follow suit. Many small steps will surely have you back on the path to a successful marriage and a relationship of trust and love.

The Tips on Marriage for The Christmas Season

One Could Use Some Marriage Tips This Christmas

The Christmas Season is coming. It is time to look up these tips on marriage to have a memorable Christmas with your spouse. Celebrate it with her in simple and practical ways. Most married couples bring all the misconceptions they had about marriage since they were young. These were commonly brought about by fairy tales and the media. Marriages in the movies are far from real, but they have been the model for most couples. They find it hard that in reality, problems are a common scenario in marriage. Even with modern technology, couples still search for answers to their questions on marriage and solutions to the different problems they face each day.

Make Christmas Merrier with These Tips on Marriage

Follow these tips on marriage and you are sure to have the best Christmas with your spouse. Doing something special do not need to be expensive. Actually, things that really matter in life and in marriage are free. So this season, price is not an issue for your presents.

  • Kiss your spouse more often during the day. Kiss him or her whenever you get the chance, even for no reason.
  • Give your spouse the gift that he or she wants, not what you want her to have. He or she will appreciate it more as you considered her wish in buying the gift.
  • Tell him or her I love you when you wake up in the morning, when leaving the house and before sleeping. You can never say it too much when you love someone so deeply.
  • Learn to load the washer, help clear up the table after dinner, read a story together with your kids. Spending quality time with each other strengthens your bond.
  • Cook his or her favourite food for Christmas Dinner.
  • Give your spouse his or her daily dose of hugs. It’s the cold months and hugs are a great way to warm the body and please the heart.
  • Write each other love notes and put them where one least expects but still easily seen.

Tips on Marriage for All Time

Happy marriages are made, and with continued effort. Tips on marriage help a great deal for marriages to stay blissful. They are not exclusive for the season, but should also be applied throughout the course of the relationship, in any season of the year. Everyone wants to learn the secrets, strategies and tips on marriage. Some, ask for help from professionals and participate in counseling for couples. This is a good step for those who do not want their marriage to fall apart.

Couples who want to make the most out of the Christmas Season should follow the tips on marriage. They are not only applicable for the occasion but are very useful for the daily lives of a couple. Perfect marriages do not exist, but there can be happy ones. May this season be the start of great Christmases in your marriage.